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Air Block Fenders

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Air Block Fenders

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Air Block Fenders (ABF) are a type of pneumatic docking fender, which have some significant advantages compared to traditional docking fenders such as cone fenders and cell fenders. Therefore, the use of Air Block Fenders is widespread in docks all over the world. Yokohama, a renowned producer of pneumatic fenders, has introduced Air Block Fenders in combination with a protector panel. These Air Block Fenders with protector panel (ABF-P) can be designed to accommodate every possible combination of dock and vessel. As an official supplier of Yokohama fenders, BARU Services can supply you with the state of the art Yokohama ABF-P fenders for your dock.

Specifications of ABF-P docking fenders

Advantages of Air Block docking fenders

Air Block docking fenders use pneumatics to absorb the energy between a vessel and the dock. This means that the aging and stiffening of rubber, an effect that is common in traditional rubber fenders, has no effect when using Air Block Fenders. Furthermore, Air Block Fenders will provide very soft initial contact with low friction force and reaction forces that increase very gradually.

By equipping an Air Block fender with a protector panel that is specifically designed for the size of the vessel, the specific type of vessel, and the state of the dock, superior results can be achieved compared to other types of fenders and Air Block Fenders that are equipped with a standard cap. By equipping your dock with ABF-P fenders, optimal safety for dock and vessel will be guaranteed.

Types of Yokohama ABF-P fenders

Currently Yokohama supplies two types of ABF-P fenders. The ABF-P1 type of Air Block fender is specifically designed for vessels that have sensitive hulls and that require low surface pressure on their hull when berthing. This type of Air Block fender is very well suited for docks that receive oil tankers, gas tankers, ore carriers, and car carriers. Docks that have a large tidal range also profit from the ABF-P1. The other type of ABF-P fender is the Yokohama ABF-P2. This Air Block fender comes equipped with a more simplistic protector panel, which is suited for docks that handle less complex berthing operations.

BARU Services

BARU Services is your specialist when it comes to Yokohama pneumatic fenders. We can supply you with any type of pneumatic fender, including Air Block Fenders with protector panel. Feel free to contact us with regards to your specific situation and needs. You can reach us by calling +31 168 32 31 32 or by sending an e-mail to .