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Docking Fenders

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Docking Fenders

When boats or vessels are berthing in a harbor, they can easily be damaged because of the large forces that are released during docking procedures. Therefore, docking fenders are used as a bumper to prevent boats, vessels and berth structures from getting damaged. Docking fenders, also known as harbor fenders or marine fenders, are designed to absorb a massive amount of kinetic energy that is commonly produced during the docking process. Well-designed docking fenders distribute the energy between both the ship and the berth structure. By placing multiple docking fenders alongside the dock, the energy will be distributed evenly onto the different fenders.

Various sizes of docking fenders

BARU Services, a Dutch company established in 1937 with easy access to the ports of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium), can provide customers with a wide variety in docking fenders. Our docking fenders are specifically designed for each individual location. The specifications of docking fenders are determined based on what the berthing energy of the range of vessels will be. Therefore, the capacity that each fender needs to have to be able to absorb kinetic energy is

carefully calculated in order to avoid an excess of hull pressure produced by reaction forces.

High quality docking fenders

BARU Services is an official distributor for the Netherlands and Belgium of the high quality docking fenders manufactured by Prosertek, one of the leading companies in global maritime equipment for ship docking since 1992. The Prosertek docking fenders are thoroughly tested and are of high-end quality. In close collaboration with our customers, the engineering department of Prosertek will determine the amount of energy each docking fender has to absorb, based on the range of ships and vessels that are berthing at the harbor. Naturally all of our fenders are made out of the best materials available and are designed while keeping low maintenance costs and a long lifespan in mind.

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As an official distributor of Prosertek, BARU Services can help you find the best docking fenders available for your specific needs. If you have any questions about our docking fenders, you can contact us by calling +31 168 32 31 32 or by sending an e-mail to .