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We can inspect and repair your pneumatic fender (all brands) and if required supply new BARU Heavy Duty protection netting.


Re-netting with BARU Heavy Duty protection netting:


- Standard use of airplane tires. Airplane tires are more rigid then truck tires and have no steel cord layers inside so they will not rust in (sea-)water. This will have a positive effect on the lifespan of both netting and fender.

- Have head airplane tires to protect the fender against damages by the towing rings.

- Towing rings, chain, shackles and swivels certified and/or random tested on break load. They are designed and fully certified to the required MBL. Standard we use “Cone type” towing rings.

- Rubber sleeves around the chain are going into the tires to prevent the chain cutting the tires.

- Are approved by all major STS companies


We have our own testing facilities with all necessary equipment to overhaul and certify safety valves. It is advisable to re-certify safety valves every 2 years.


Also see photo gallery above.