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Heavy Duty Fenders

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Heavy Duty Fenders

At BARU Services, located in The Netherlands and operating in the field of rubber technology since 1937, we have a large amount of fenders in stock. These fenders are specially designed for ships and vessels. BARU Services is also known for its high-end refurbishing and repairing of fenders. Heavy duty fenders are capable of absorbing all the energy that is released while berthing in a harbor or during ship-to-ship transfers (STS). Using fenders prevents the ship or berthing structure from getting damaged. Our customer base consists of many of the major international operating maritime companies, which are deploying our fenders en fender technology in a wide variety of industries like ports and harbors, oil terminals, municipalities and military facilities.

High quality heavy duty fenders

Our fenders are made out of high quality materials to make sure that they are extremely durable and have a lifespan that can be considered above average. The renowned quality of BARU maritime fenders is a result of continuous innovation and rigorous testing. This process ensures that all the fenders from BARU Services comply to the latest international requirements (e.g. ISO 17357) and made our company one of the leading distributors of fenders worldwide. Moreover, all fenders that leave our premises are thoroughly inspected and tested by qualified BARU personnel. Therefore our customers can be assured that they work with the best products money can buy!

The fenders of BARU Services are available in different sizes and available from stock. Our most popular fenders are the Dolphin and Yokohama fenders in sizes that range from 0,3 x 0,6 meters up to 4,5 x 9,0 meters.

The engineers of BARU Services can determine which size of heavy duty fender is most suitable for your specific situation.

Heavy duty fenders with protection netting

As a customer you can choose to have your fenders delivered with or without protection netting. Protection netting toughens a fender, enhancing its lifespan even more and reducing the overall cost of ownership. The Heavy-Duty netting of each single fender, designed by our own engineering department, consists of airplane tires, certified nose cone towing ring and certified chains covered with rubber sleeves. We prefer to use airplane tires instead of car or truck tires, because these are more rigid and don’t have any steel cord layers inside (witch will rust while in contact with water). We choose to apply rubber sleeves to our chains, because they prevent the airplane tires from being cut. Besides the protection netting on our heavy duty fenders which provides extra strength and resilience, we also add safety features like a certified pressure relief valve and a registered RFID chip to identify each individual fender.

Contact BARU Services

If you have any questions about our products, our fender services or the unique characteristics of our heavy duty fenders, please contact us by calling +31 168 32 31 32 or by sending an e-mail to . Of course you can also contact us to get an update of the different types and amounts of fenders we keep in stock in- and near the ports of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium), or to get informed about our estimated delivery times.