(Floating) hoses & accessoiries

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(Floating) hoses & accessoiries

BARU Services b.v. can also supply other offshore & marine hoses (e.g. Continental Rig supply hard and softwall). Besides this we stock several types of hoses for the dredging industry.


Winker light at Baru

Also we have special accessories on stock for 16”and 24” Yokohama offshore loading & discharge hoses.


Accessories we have on stock :


  • - Winker light;
  • - Butterfly valve 16” ANSI 150;
  • - Camlock with short spool for 16” ANSI 150;
  • - Marker buoy;
  • - Floaters for 24” and 16” submarine hoses.


Please contact us for the actual stock list for accessories and hoses.