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Pneumatic Rubber Fender

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Pneumatic Rubber Fender

BARU Services, a renowned Dutch company established in 1937, is specialized in re-netting, refurbishing, inspecting, testing and repairing pneumatic rubber fenders of all available brands. At BARU Services we also sell and keep stock of new Dolphin and Yokohama fenders. Throughout the years our large and still increasing international customer base reflects the more than solid reputation of BARU Services. That is why BARU Services has become preferred supplier of pneumatic rubber fenders and preferred partner in fender maintenance for some of the major ship-to-ship (STS) companies.

Our pneumatic rubber fenders are extensively used as ship protection for large tankers, vessels, platforms, rigs and different sorts of offshore equipment. All fenders sold by BARU Services can be completed with protection chain and tire netting or, if necessary, with BARU Heavy Duty protection netting with standard use of airplane tires.

Characteristics of a pneumatic rubber fender

The advantage of a pneumatic fender is high-energy absorption with a low reaction force in combination with low hull pressure. Because of the excellent energy absorption capabilities, the linear load deflection characteristics and the ability to float, our pneumatic rubber fenders can be used in transfers from ship-to-ship or during a vessel-to-berth at a harbor.

ISO certified pneumatic rubber fenders in stock

At BARU Services we hold stock of new pneumatic Dolphin and Yokohama fenders. A pneumatic rubber fender from BARU is always ISO 17357 certified and is inspected by qualified BARU personnel before leaving our premises.

Our stock sizes range from 0,3 x 0,6 meters up to 4,5 x 9,0 meters. This way all of our customers can rely on fast delivery of fenders for every situation.

What makes a pneumatic rubber fender of BARU unique?

BARU Services has a proven and impressive track record as manufacturer and supplier of pneumatic rubber fenders for maritime purposes. Continuous innovation has led to the development of a unique way of strengthening and refurbishing fenders. Besides using more tires per single fender, we also make use of airplane tires as a standard (by our own design and called BARU Heavy Duty protection netting). We choose to use airplane tires instead of truck tires because these are more rigid than truck tires and these tires won’t rust in (sea)water because of the absence of steel cord layers inside the tire. Using airplane tires therefore has a positive effect on the lifespan of both netting and fender. Moreover, covering the chains with rubber sleeves prevents them from cutting the tires and therefore prolonging the lifespan of our fenders even more. A certified safety valve and registered RFID chip complement our fenders.

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