Stock Fenders

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Stock Fenders

Sizes in stock range from 0,3x0,6 to 4,5x9,0 metres.


Dolphin fenders are supplied with factory certificate and SGS or ABS certificate certifying the fenders are manufactured according to ISO 17357. As of 2012 they are standard supplied with RIFD chip.


Yokohama fenders are supplied with factory certificate. Third party inspection, at additional costs, is available for new orders only.


Our fenders are :

Manufactured according to ISO 17357

If applicable, safety valve is certified (standard applicable from diameter 2,5 and up, other sizes on request)

Inspected on entering and leaving our premises by qualified BARU personnel.

Available as Body Only, Sling Type, RIB type (Dolphin) or with BARU Heavy Duty protection netting with standard use of airplane tires.


RIB type fenders (Dolphin) have wear-resistant rubber ribs vulcanized on the fender body for extra protection.

They are available in sizes: 0,3x0,6, 0,5x1,0, 1,0x2,0, 2,0x3,5, 2,5x5,5 & 3,3x6,5 metres.


Stock fenders supplied with our own design BARU Heavy Duty protection netting have the following advantages:


- Standard use of airplane tires. Airplane tires are more rigid then truck tires and have no steel cord layers inside so they will not rust in (sea-)water. This will have a positive effect on the lifespan of both netting and fender.

- Have head airplane tires to protect the fender against damages by the towing rings.

- Towing rings, chain, shackles and swivels certified and/or random tested on break load. They are designed and fully certified to the required MBL. Standard we use “Cone type” towing rings.

- Rubber sleeves around the chain are going into the tires to prevent the chain cutting the tires.

- Are approved by all major STS companies


Contact us for a current stock list.