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Yokohama Pneumatic Fenders

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Yokohama Pneumatic Fenders

BARU Services, official distributor of the world famous Yokohama pneumatic fenders, is a family-owned third generation company founded in 1937 and situated in The Netherlands. As many of the major ship-to-ship (STS) companies can confirm, Yokohama is known as the original inventor of the pneumatic fender. Since the development of the first pneumatic rubber fender by Yokohama, the company has kept an unprecedented position as market leader in the production and innovation of pneumatic fenders for maritime purposes. The quality, durability and undisputed reputation of Yokohama pneumatic fenders led to the strong partnership between Yokohama and BARU Services.

Advantages of Yokohama pneumatic fenders

Yokohama pneumatic fenders, also known as floating fenders, are used as a bumper to absorb the impact of a large ship, tanker or vessel berthing a dock, or during a ship-to-ship transfer operation. All Yokohama pneumatic fenders comply ISO 17357 standards and have excellent energy absorption characteristics.

BARU Services keeps Yokohama pneumatic fenders in stock

Our company is located in Zevenbergen, strategically positioned in The Netherlands with direct and easy access to the ports of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium). Due to the excellent location of BARU Services, we are able to deliver Yokohama pneumatic fenders to our customers, by road or water, in the shortest amount of time that is possible. Our stock of Yokohama pneumatic fender sizes range from 0,3 x 0,6 meters up to 4,5 x 9,0 meters.

Besides supplying our customers with new Yokohama pneumatic fenders, we also refurbish, test, inspect, repair and re-net fenders of all available brands.

Yokohama pneumatic fender protection netting

The Yokohama pneumatic fenders delivered from stock are provided with BARU Heavy-Duty protection netting made out of certified chains and airplane tires. The netting protects the fender against damage during towing and other kinds of handling and also expands the lifetime of the fender as a result of the protection of the fender body during operations.

The main reason why BARU Services uses airplane tires to protect its Yokohama fenders is because these are more rigid than regular car or truck tires. Furthermore airplane tires lack steel cord layers, which would rust while in contact with (sea)water. Therefore airplane tires are most suitable in high demanding circumstances, guaranteeing their owners an increased fender lifespan and a reduction of the total cost of ownership. Additionally our Yokohama pneumatic fenders are provided with a certified nose cone towing ring, certified safety valve, registered RFID chip and rubber sleeves to protect the tires from being cut by the chains.

Come in contact with BARU Services

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in our ISO 17357 compliant Yokohama pneumatic fenders. Our dedicated team is more than wiling to assist. You can contact us by calling +31 168 32 31 32 or sending an email to .