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Yokohama Seaflex STS hoses

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Yokohama Seaflex STS hoses

Yokohama Seaflex STS hoses

STS hoses are hoses that are used for the ship-to-ship transfer of crude oil and petroleum-based products. These hoses are often used in severe conditions, which results in hoses that deteriorate and become worn very quickly. By choosing a quality brand for your hoses, STS-operations will run faster, more reliable and safer. Therefore, Yokohama, a renowned Japanese producer of rubber products, has introduced Yokohama Seaflex STS hoses. These top-of-the-line STS hoses have the outstanding characteristics that are needed to provide safety and reliability in very demanding situations. As official supplier of the Yokohama brand, Baru Services can help you with the purchase of Seaflex STS hoses.

Specifications of Seaflex STS hoses


Yokohama STS hoses at Baru

About Yokohama Seaflex

Yokohama is well-known for their world-class pneumatic rubber fenders that protects ships during ship-to-ship operations. After consulting with many experienced captains, Seaflex STS hoses were designed with the requirements of these captains in mind.

The result is another world-class product, which is designed in Japan and produced in Japan, Indonesia, or Italy, where the production is subjected to strict quality control. All Yokohama STS hoses are designed in accordance with the EN 1765 norm.


Yokohama Seaflex hoses at Baru

Characteristics of Yokohama Seaflex

Yokohama Seaflex STS hoses provide top performance when it comes to reliability and survivability, even in very rough conditions. The hoses have a helix wire free construction, which ensures that no permanent deformation will occur. Even though temporary kinks and deformation might occur due to rough conditions and the slight vacuum that exists during operation.


Yokohama Ship to Shore hoses at Baru

Furthermore, utmost safety during ship-to-ship transfers is guaranteed, because of the heavy-duty design that ensures a burst pressure that is a minimum of five times greater than the operating pressure of the system.

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